Mr. Rebates Tendril Tuesday Linkup: Never Growing to Hip Length Again - Long Natural Hair Care

Tendril Tuesday Linkup: Never Growing to Hip Length Again


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I’ve been reveling in my low-maintenance short cut so much so that I’ve chopped it even shorter! Everyone’s asking if I plan on growing to donate again and if I’ll try to get back to hip length again and my answer is yes, I’ll donate, but I will NEVER go back to hip length natural hair. And here’s why:

Saving Money & Space!

I was spending way too much on products and even though I was getting a lot gifted, it was still taking up a lot of space in the house. It takes a helluva lot of deep conditioner to take care of hip length natural hair. Now I use so little product with each wash, or style. I am very slowly using up what I have, and will use most of it up before buying more to clutter up our bathroom (and closets) again.

Dreading Maintenance!

I honestly was beginning to dread washing/detangling/airdrying/straightening. It just took far too much effort. I don’t have the muscle stamina in my arms to hold my arms up to do the marathon straightening sessions required for that length of hair. The multi-step, multi-section hair care was starting to be too much of a hassle as well. However, I knew if I didn’t do it, I’d have to spend even more effort on detangling. So much work!

Saving Time!

In the same vein as the reason above, I also was beginning to dread the time commitment. I was “hair-lazy” and often pulled it back into a ponytail or bun to be fast on the go. Even with my short and sweet regimen, the length of hair just required more time. My regimen is the same now, but there’s a huge time difference between washing/dcing/detangling/moisturizing/oiling/styling hair that is an inch or two long versus hip length. Don’t even get me started on the air drying time!

I Can Still Donate!

My intentions with growing to hip length was that I’d only cut away 12 inches and keep my hair around shoulder length or arm pit length afterward. I ended up getting a fade instead and donating a much longer length. I will donate in the future, but I won’t need to grow to hip length to do so. Once I hit waist length I have enough to donate, and will just get another faded cut or some other short do.

What’s the shortest/longest you’d go?

Will you ever donate your hair?

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  1. Girl…this post is so on point. I posted today regarding hair as well. I’m going through somethings right now where I’m totally bored. I’m toying with the idea of growing it out bob length and even going natural. Should I go natural….it will never grow longer than an inch or two. Long hair just isn’t for me….it’s just too much for this bean head of mine. LOL. Happy Thanksgiving hun. xoxo.

  2. Anointed Heels says:

    I didn’t know about hair donation unfortunately, all 20″ of my pretty locks were left at the salon floor. :-( when I chopped 2 year ago. I’m doing an experiment to see how long is my hair growing state, hopefully I can keep up with it. I will cut and donate and start all over again.

  3. I did it correctly today lol. I loved your hip hair. I wanna grow it that long, but I know my air drying time and maintenance is going to be something else! But I love you giving your hair to a cause!!

  4. Well I’m planning to shave my hair in March for a big chop to end cancer, but because I can’t keep scissors away from my head it will be a micro chop…LOL! The longest it’s been it to my shoulders and then I always cut it to a pixie cut (when I was relaxed). I was never big on hair and always like it short. But I’d so let it grow super long and then shave it off to donate.

  5. thanks for sharing them! i’m natural and working on sharing more posts about my hair!

  6. Heather Williams says:

    Dani, I love your short cute! And I love rocking my tapered twa….it’s easy maintenance indeed! Most importantly, my products last much longer. It’s a win, win all the way around. lol

  7. Skinny Makeda says:

    ok I’m so loving the low cut in the back. I may have to try that for my sides and back too. Did you cut yourself, go to a hair salon or barber? I’m thinking of trying a barber.

  8. Thanks for allowing us to link up! Love this idea. Honestly, the shortest I would go is back to the TWA stage, which I sorta kinda did this summer. It wasn’t quite as short as when I big chopped, but it was a drastic change. It’s funny how I wanted length for SO long and then when I got it, I was over it. LOL! I love short hair. The idea of donating it, which I didn’t know many naturals do, but I love the idea, is wonderful. I may even consider that again next time!

  9. Girl, you are making me want to cut my hair all over again!

  10. The shortest was right after a really bad combo of overprocessing & color =/ It was about 1/2″ to 1″ long. I was beyond insecure at first but once I realized how easy it was to maintain I was thrilled. Now I’m fat and I don’t think short hair would look good on me plus my hubby admitted he liked it long. So far longest (as an adult) is bra strap length. I’m hoping to let it keep growning and doing it’s own thing but I think about your reasons above and realize I’m way too lazy for hip length or anything close to it so we shall see.
    Your hair looks great btw!!

  11. I love your cut. The shortest I’ve even gone was probably about 1/4 inch when I Big chopped in 2009. I honestly miss that stage sometimes. I feel you about the maintenance and extras associated with longer hair.
    Thanks for allowing us to link up :)

  12. From Mrs. to Mom says:

    This is an awesome link up! So, I’m kinda bummed that you’re not going to hip length anymore. I love seeing women grow their hair long- it makes me feel like I can do it too! Although waist length isn’t anything to sneeze at. I’m glad your short cut is working for you- I could never go that short!

  13. candiceselby says:

    The shortest I have gone is tapered in the back and longer in the front (graduated bob). Sometimes I think about cutting it really short but, I don’t think that will be flattering on me.

  14. Ideally, I’d love to have waist length hair but we’ll see what happens. The shortest I’ve worn it was when I big chopped and only had 2 inches of hair. I miss those days b/c the maintenance was suuuuper low. Now at almost APL, I’m starting to rethink my length goals cuz wash day is cray already smh lol

  15. You make me miss my short hair. I anticipate growing my hair to waist length, but Lord knows I loved my short-easy breezy hair when I did both 1st and 2nd BC!

  16. Your cut is fab! I don’t think I would consider going that short again. I’d like to grow mine down to waist length.

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