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Tendril Tuesday: My Next Hair Style


It’s Tendril Tuesday! We’re talkin’ hair…and specifically today I’m wondering what I’m going to be doing next with my hair. I’m due for another fade/shape up of the sides….but not sure if I want to.

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My family has been asking me what I’m going to do next with my hair. I’m in between a few things:

1. The halley boy cut (I love this, but the only way to keep it easy to handle/style would be to perm it, otherwise it would take forever to do my hair again….)


2. Keeping it similar to what I have now, but more dramatic. Fading the sides again but this time up to a defined line and keepin the top long enough to (kindasorta) play with:

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3. Growing it out from where it is to a slightly longer short cut like these:

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or finally

4: Cutting it super low (on new year’s day) and just letting it grow out from there, and document the journey over the year.


What do you think of my options?  Any ideas for me?

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  1. Dangerous Lee says:

    I like #4!

  2. Heather Williams says:

    I love no#1!!!! ~NaturallyMe35~

  3. You know I’m down for #4! I need a hair journey buddy! lol

  4. I love how you are so free with your hair. I shaved my front side a few months ago. It’s as free as I’ll get LOL. Thank you for your link up feature. I’ll visit the others too. here’s a post on my site:

  5. I’m going to say #2 because that’s how I want my hair! I’m not going to cut it like that, but I’m going to have a weave put in that’s similar. Cayute!

  6. I love all of them, but since I’m not as daring as some, I would definitely go with #3. You can pull off any one of the styles you choose to go with, with extreme finesse though!

  7. I passionately dislike #2 so I’m definitely bias. #3 would be super cute & helpful considering your lil girl is going to be here before you know it. Selfishly I’d like to see #4 because I could use the hair tips as you go =D

  8. I say #3: Hair without having a lot of hair or a relaxer.

  9. I love the Halle Berry cut but I don’t want you to get a perm, your natural hair just rocks.

    I love watching you grow so I am going to say #4, let’s go back to documenting some growth :).

  10. TOItweets says:

    If I were so bold I would do #2, since cutting all my locs I’ve being looking for inspirational hairstyle so I;m going to follow in this link up and link up one :)

  11. I like #3 – curly and full look.


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